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leader said yesterday the moment of explosion is coming though u.s. officials still believe kim jong-un won't pull the trigger on an attack. the north koreans have never tested their new missile and have a spotty record of successful launches, still, the u.s. and japan say they have their missile interceptors on the ready. >> devin dwyer live for us in washington, thank you. there are some high-level talks today about curbing another nuclear threat. the u.s. along with five other world powers are sitting down with representatives from iran over its uranium enrichment. iran denies it has any interest in nuclear weapons and the enrichment is being used for peaceful purposes. >> new this morning, the cdc rushing to create a vaccine against a new and deadly form of bird flu. now, as we learned overnight that flu has killed six people in china. they all had contact with infected birds. the cdc says the vaccine project is only a precaution though the virus is a worry. it will take at least a month to create the vaccine. just released documents show there were concerns about james
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holmes' mental health before the aurora shooting. his psychiatrist warned the university that hoems was homicidal and a danger to the public. the attack left 12 dead. according to the arrest warrant officers found explosives, booby traps and an die depressant drugs inside his apartment. another high-profile killing of a law enforcement officer. he was shot dead while questioning a suspect. it happened inside the police headquarters last night. the suspect was also killed. the dead police officer, eric smith, had a long and accomplished career with the department. the search for two dangerous prison escapees have come to an end. they were found in a barn near the prison. authorities were led there after a pawnshop clerk called police. someone was pawning jewelry left in a stolen car. president obama delivers his budget next week. one white house official says it will meet republicans at least
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halfway. "the new york times" reports the president will propose cuts to social security and medicare which moderate republicans support. but he will also propose higher taxes on the rich which many in the party oppose. the president appears to be hoping to crack republican unity. and secretary of state john kerry is the latest cabinet member to give back part of his salary in solidarity with his staff. workers have to take days off because -- without pay because of the sequestration budget cuts. the president and some others will give 5% back to the government. kerry is among those who will give his part to charity for department employees. >> well, kerry's predecessor hillary clinton has inked a book deal. memoir scheduled to be released in june of next year. a source says it will not include anything about the 2008 presidential campaign or possible future campaigns. financial terms were not disclosed. there has been an incredible array of reaction to the death
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of roger ebert. >> flowers have been delivered to ebert's star on his hollywood walk of fame. >> president obama says he captured the unique power of the movies and "the chicago sun-times" and on the internet. steven spielberg said he wrote them with passion while putting tv criticism on the map. his co-workers say he embraced 10esh8 media when cancer surgery stole his voice. >> he wasn't one of these old-school journalists who said he would keep writing on a typewriter. he loved the media. >> roger's distinguishing mark, if you will, is that his populist -- this is really something that made his criticism accessible to the whole world. >> well, his thumbs up or thumbs down will always be remembered. ebert died yesterday after a year's long battle with cancer. he was 70 years old. we'll have much more about roger ebert later on in the newscast.
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all right. now to oklahoma where a major gas explosion has forced the evacuation of some neighborhoods. the blast sent flames shooting into the sky last night. the station is located north of oklahoma city. one employee who was on duty was not hurt. possible tornado touching down last night in northern california. residents in redding reported seeing funnel clouds. no major damage. two twisters hit the area back in february. a nice spring day almost everywhere. a few showers this morning in new york city but skies will clear up by the afternoon. south florida can expect heavy rain and it'll be wet from northern california to seattle. temperatures in the upper midwest still colder than normal but denver is about 20 degrees warmer than usual with a high near 80. coming up some controversial comments by the president getting a lot of attention online. then the facebook phone. the first reviews are in. a major reason why you might want to give it a closer look. caught on camera. a checkpoint tsa agent under
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attack. that's coming up.
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we're expecting some discouraging news about the job market this morning. the government is expected to report a slight uptick in the unemployment rate last month. it was 7.7% back in february. economists believe the pace of hiring slowed last month because of cuts in the service and construction industries and because deep government spending cuts are now beginning to take effect. protesting for a higher minimum wage. hundreds of fast food workers hit the streets of new york to get their message out holding signs and singing chants to get attention, they're debhandzing $15 an hour.
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right now they're only getting 7.25 which is the current federal minimum wage that workers start at. the best and worst places to do business in america are dominated by texas and california. it helps austin, san antonio and houston get ahead. here's the cities with an "f," san diego and san francisco. cowboys quarterback tony romo is the highest paid in the nfl. his new contract is only the fifth largest but with no state income tax to pay, he comes out on top. well, boeing says it's halfway to returning its 787 dreamliner to the sky. it's now revamped the battery system, a test flight could be conducted today for reversion. the planes were grounded in january because of overheating batteries. all right, the long rumored facebook phone is here. mark zuckerberg showed off the android-based detroit called home.
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a new software system allowing you to update your profile and send messages faster using a touch screen. joanna stern tested it out. >> facebook home which is a software that can be downloaded through the google play store. what you'll get there is not only the facebook app but basically a whole new skin for your android phone. >> all right, it goes on sale and will cost 99 bucks. coming up next on this friday morning, questions about a tsa about a major airport. did a passenger reach a plane without a boarding pass or i.d.? the former rutgers coach does have a big final paycheck. i'm phyllis, and i have diabetic nerve pain. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course, i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning like i was walking on hot coals
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it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. dannon oikos non-fat yogurt sounds too good to be true. there are things that are too good to be true... such as dannon oikos. thick, creamy, with 0% fat and twice the protein... of regular low-fat yogurt. mmm dannon oikos greek non-fat yogurt dannon all right. rain-slicked roads in south florida were too much apparently for this driver to handle. this beer truck jackknifed and drove off a bridge into a river
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near tampa. the driver scrambled to the top of his rig in time. he's okay. >> beer truck, that makes me sad. >> hoff bra. would dive in. looking at this morning's road conditions now, it could be slippery today along i-5 in northern california, oregon and in washington. heavy rain could make it difficult for some traveling on i-95 and i-4 in south florida. roads around new york could start getting wet. good day for air travel. delays only expected in the miami area. a stunning breach of airport security this morning. an airport worker is facing criminal charges for bypassing security to catch a flight. >> "the new york post" reported the delta employee made his way through secure areas to get on a plane. the tsa watched him and lost track of him. police later arrested him when he arrived in orlando and sent him back to new york to be prosecuted. a police officer from california is back to work after an eventful trip in hawaii. check out the video from
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honolulu airport. a tsa agent struggling with an unruly passenger. that's when officer justin rogers jumped over a barrier and body slammed the attacker. other agents swarmed in after that and rogers was still able to make it to his next flight. good for him. holding him down. there you go. two teenage hikers, they are safe this morning after spending days lost in the woods. take a look. kyndall jack was finally rescued from a near vertical wall in california's cleveland national forest five days after getting lost. her friend nicholas cendoya found hours earlier, he was severely hydrated and confused. >> the way we found nick, not because we saw him or he saw us but because we were a one in a million chance echoed the right way. >> how long have you been up there, we asked. a few days. we asked if he was alone. he said he was alone but he didn't know where he was. >> both hikers are expected to be okay after spending a couple days in the hospital.
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former rutgers men's basketball coach mike rice will still receive his bonus despite being fired. rice lost his job on wednesday because of this video showing him acting abusively at practice. but he'll be paid $100,000 bonus because he coached the entire season that just ended. if rice had been fired when the practice video first came out -- first came to light last year he wouldn't have received a bonus at all. two of his former players say it doesn't reflect his true relationship with the team. lance armstrong has been told he can participate in a swimming event. he was earlier approved to take part but organizers were told he couldn't be involved because of his lifetime ban on sanctioned sports. final four is tomorrow in atlanta. wichita state faces louisville and the pros, some of last night's highlights from espn. doug kezirian with your "sportscenter" update. in the nba's eastern conference,
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the miami heat have locked up the top seed but out west, looks like it's coming down to the final two weeks. kevin durant and the thunder hosting the spurs. san antonio coming in leading that race by a game and a half. kawhi leonard for okc, kevin durant buries it, thunder, 12 of 24 from downtown. still an eight-point game and russell westbrook, the pullup jumper, 27-7-7. thunder win, now trail the spurs by just a half game in that race for the top seed out west. elsewhere in the western conference, mavericks visiting the nuggets. denver, 33-3 at home but this was a huge loss. danilo gallinari grabs his left knee and would leave the game. yahoo! sports reporting it is a torn acl. the nuggets confirmed he will have an mri later today. final 10.8 seconds.
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kenneth faried misses. second also off the mark but former mav corey brewer with the offensive board and the nuggets have another chance. andre iguodala. traded for in the off-season for plays like this, gets it to go. that proves to be the game winner but looks like it will be a costly win for denver. nuggets currently the third seed out west. coming up next, john's favorite story of the day. >> you bet. the pizza with a hamburger inside? this is for real. >> doesn't get any better. it's real life and we're going to show it to you. >> put beer inside. you're all set. top ten things going through kevin ware's head when his leg broke. we'll have the funny stuff, believe it or not, next. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain.
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for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist about humira, to help relieve your pain and stop further joint damage.
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when i first got back from afghanistan i knew i wanted to be involved in television and film but i just didn't know how i'm going to get there so when abc news introduced the mentorship program to me i was thrilled. oh. meeting tom hanks was surreal and helped me realize when you're serving your country you don't tend to think about civilians serving you. shows like "world news with diane sawyer" are helping veterans fulfill their dreams. abc news opened doors for me and my daughter as well. my name is staff sergeant gabriel posey and this is my "world news" story. ♪ time now to check "the pulse," stories that we'll be talking about all day long and this one i think will be on the minds of everybody today. we begin with a controversial remark made by president obama about the california attorney general speaking about kamala harris, the president said she was by far the best-looking attorney general in the country.
4:20 am
>> well, apparently the blog fear blew up with critics calling the remarks sexist and saying that the president needs some sensitivity training. reporters say president obama was just stating the obvious. >> she is pretty. >> she is pretty and in this day and age you got to watch what you say. probably best left unsaid. >> i agree. when louisville takes the floor tomorrow night in atlanta, injured cardinal kevin ware will be there with his teammates. >> last night ware was on david letterman's show talking about his broken leg and helped deliver the top ten list. >> category, thoughts going through kevin ware's mind at this moment right here. here we go. >> hey, look, my tibia. >> that's right. >> number four. >> tape it up, coach. i'm staying in. >> yeah. number three. >> they fired leno? at least my bracket's not busted >> that's right. >> oh, yeah.
4:21 am
he says the healing will take eight to 12 weeks. he also joked saying that he'd be able to play tomorrow if he really wanted to. >> like evil little laugh when the leno thing. hard to believe no one came up with this now especially you, john, since you love this. >> man. >> the pizza burger. >> yeah. >> as american as it sounds, although it's the brainchild of a canadian food chain called boston pizza. it's a half pound prime rib patty with mozzarella and bacon, yummy deliciousness then it's all covered with some tomato sauce because everything is better with tomato sauce and just in case that's not enough to remind you this is still the pizza burger, it has all been encased in some delicious pizza dough. >> that looks off the hook. also a vegetarian version with five kinds of cheese instead of meat. either of them will set you back about 15 bucks. and probably cost a powerful
4:22 am
apartme antacid. a pizza burger isn't quite that thing. >> amazing and easy on the go pizza. pizza is always a little difficult to eat. burgers are a little difficult to eat on the go. pizzaburger, it like has its own home. i'm going to go. road trip! >> road trip. >> all right. for some of you your local news is next. >> for everyone else, the critic for the common man remembering roger ebert. when we come back. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> good morning, everyone, i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> breaking news from san francisco where a perimeter at san francisco state university searching for a man who stole a taxicab who led officers on a chase. >> abc7 news ace kira klapper is
4:26 am
near the scene. >> it was a high-speed chase. it was in this yellow taxicab behind me on the border of san francisco state. this yellow san francisco taxicab. they are scouring it for any evidence from the man who is running from police right now. on the video, with speeds up to 100 miles per hour, police spotted the stolen taxicab at 1:15. the chase went through city streets. c.h.p. and daly city police had to back up officers chasing the man driving the stolen ford on i-280 and highway one through daly city and pacifica and back to san francisco. the thief ran from the cab here on the edge of the san francisco state campus. police lost him. here is what witnesses saw. >> we were riding around on
4:27 am
campus. we came right up here by the humanities building and we see a taxi roll up and slams it to the parking pole and a cop pulls up and they both start running. >> you can see when the thief ran he left the meter on. it would have been a $174 cab fare for the chase. right now, they are still looking for him. they suspect he is running through san francisco state campus and he could be further than that by now. the only description is they know he was a man, in dark clothing, possibly with a beanie but they cannot say were more. >> we will check back with katie marzullo as the show continues. >> we will check with lisa and the forecast here for mike nicco. >> we are starting out with a few light showers in the north
4:28 am
pay. you can see bodega bay, very light showers but the golden gate bridge it is more of a problem with fog. in the mid-to-upper 50's so numbers around the bay are not too hard to take but the visibility, boy, about a quarter mile. be careful. the forecast for the day, numbers will be around 50 to 60. mostly cloudy. a few breaks this afternoon. temperatures this evening will be in the 50's and 60's. clouds will stick around for the weekend. we will have a mixed bag. we will get into the details later. first, leyla gulen has a look at the commute. >> we are looking at a dryer compute. we also are looking at no fog in walnut creek. 680 down to 24 show as good
4:29 am
drive. it is accident-free today. we have street closings in san francisco at at&t park at king street which is closed this afternoon for an hour between 2nd and 3rd. details are ahead. >> leyla gulen, thank you. a messy water main break on the peninsula kept public works crews busy. the intersection at san mateo was flooded for the might after the broken main spewed water. the water did not reach any of the homes in the neighborhood. also, crews capped the leak before it government worse. you can see the water moving from the damaged main. most of the water has subsided. the flooding is under control at this hour. >> grief counselors return to an ambulance company to console worker would lost a friend. the 34-year-old died yesterday afternoon. he w

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